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Driving and Transport

In the field of vehicles, our Administrative Agents will provide you with professional advice and carry out a range of transactions on your behalf, including the following:

  • Vehicle registration transactions; whether routine, tourist, historical, renewals, restoration (plates and roadworthiness certificates) etc.
  • Ownership transfers, notification to the official bodies, vehicle handovers
  • Permanent or temporary deregistration, registry of temporary deregistered vehicles etc.
  • Duplicates of vehicle registration certificates, and driving permits
  • Provision of vehicle reports by either License Plate Number or Chassis Number (VIN), your transactions, use in court, insurance company, MOT etc.
  • Claims relating to fines or sanctions

Consult an Administrative Agent if you wish to conduct any other formality with the Directorate-General for Traffic, they will provide you with personalised professional advice and all of the required information.

Administrative Agents can carry out many of these transactions online, thus streamlining the processes. Others must be managed in a traditional manner.

All of the above are exercised under the terms of the Management Entrustment Agreement signed by the Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic, and the Spanish General Council of Chartered Institute of Administrative Agents, on 28th September 1999, later adapted for electronic processing on 27th September 2007.

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