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Colegio de Gestores Administrativos de Alicante

In accordance with Article 6 of the Organic Statute for acquiring the status of Administrative Agent, it is required:

  1. to be Spanish or a foreign resident in Spain and from a country that grants reciprocal rights and titles;
  2. to be of legal age;
  3. to not have been sentenced for a reason that would disqualify you from working in public functions;
  4. to accredit by certification, with the General Council of Chartered Institutes, that your files will not contain unfavorable background;
  5. to be in possession of any of the following degrees:
    • a Bachelor’s degree in Law,
    • a degree in Economics,
    • a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration,
    • a degree in Political Science,
  6. to pass the required assessments;
  7. to be registered to pay the corresponding taxes to the profession of administrative agent;
  8. repealed;
  9. to be incorporated into a Chartered Institute of Administrative Agents and have paid the establishment’s incorporation and professional title expedition expenses.
  10. to have applied for admission to the General Mutual Insurance of Administrative Agents and paid its fee or to the special scheme for the self-employed, according to current legislation
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