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Practicing this profession

The profession of Administrative Agent will be exercised personally, without the interposition of a third party; the Agent may only be assisted by authorised employees who will perform simple procedural formalities.

As a result, prior membership will be necessary to practice the profession. This enrollment entitles the member to practice the profession of Administrative Agent throughout the national territory under the terms established by the Professional Chartered Institutes’ Act and the 1st March 1963 Statute.

When a Member changes his main or only professional domicile to another Chartered Institute’s territorial demarcation, he must notify it to the latter, which will in turn notify the General Council of the move. The General Council will then disclose this information to the former Institute’s President, which will lead to the Member’s discharge in his previous local Chartered Institute.

In the situation in which a Member establishes another office within the Chartered Institute’s demarcation in which he already practices the profession, he must notify the Institute’s board.

The Administrative Agent that occasionally practices his profession outside his own territorial demarcation is obliged to inform the relevant professional Chartered Institute through his affiliation, about the specific actions he undertakes in order to be subject to the powers of ordination, ethical control and to the relevant (local) Chartered Institute’s disciplinary authority.

In order to distinguish various offices, administrative agents will adopt their own name to which will be added, in front or behind, the corresponding indications of administrative agency or agent.

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