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In compliance with Law 19/2013, of December 9th, on transparency, access to public information and good governance, we hereby present our Transparency Portal, the Chartered Institute of Administrative Agents of Alicante being a corporation of Public Law, as acknowledged under Law 2/1974, of February 13th, for Chartered Institutes.


Institutional Information



Law of Professional Institutes

Law 2/1974, of 13th February

Organic Statute of the Administrative Agent Profession

Decree 424/1963, of 1st March

Organic Statute of the Administrative Agent Profession, Alicante

DOGV 2008/10684, of 8th July


Governing Board

Regional Council of Chartered Institutes of Administrative Agents, Valencia

Spanish General Council of Chartered Institutes of Administrative Agents


Among other duties, to act before the Public Administration as representatives for their clients, under the Legal Framework of the Public Administration and its common procedures

Law 30/1992, of 26th November

Citizen Services


President of the Chartered Institute of Administrative Agents of Alicante

Ms María Teresa Vila Esteve


Financial Information


Agreements and Entrustment Agreements

Ministry of Presidency

Implementation of administrative transactions and online document management, of 20th October 2010

Inland Revenue (AEAT)

Cooperation Agreement. Online submissions on behalf of third parties. Use of online platforms to carry out other transactions on behalf of third parties, of 16th April 1996

Processing of documentation to accompany statements relating to Model 06 corresponding to the Special Duty on Certain Means of Transport for non-liability and exemption, and requests for taxpayer identification numbers corresponding to children under the age of 14 who do not have a national identity card, under certain conditions, of 5th March 2009

Directorate-General for Traffic

Development of online procedures to facilitate citizens in the processing, emission and renewal of vehicle circulation certificates, or registration of any other formality legally required by the General Vehicle Registry, of 27th September 2007

Simplification and streamlining of processing, of 28th September 1999

Land Registry

Development of procedures aimed at facilitating citizens in the consultation and certification of cadastral data, as in presentation of declarations before the Land Registry, under the Management Entrustment Agreement, of 10th October 2006

General Treasury of Social Security

Cooperation with regard to the Network System, of 21st July 2004


Carrying out certain activities of common interest, of 18th January 2005


Cooperation Agreement for the migrant workers regularization process, of 5th April 2005


Cooperation in informative sessions aimed at raising awareness on the obligatory nature of incorporation into the Network system, and on the modification of the regulations under Law 32/2010, of 2nd November 2010

National Institute of Social Security

To provide momentum for the implementation of the Electronic Procedure TESOL, of 15th June 2010

Official State Journal (BOE)

To enable Administrative Agents to present and pay online for announcements, and to publish in the Official Journals; "The Official State Journal" and "The Official Commerce Registry Journal", of 20th October 2010

Directorate-General for Politics of the Small and medium Company

The establishment of Advisory and Procedure Initiation Centres (PAE) integrated in the ‘Circe’ Network, of 30th   July 2008

The Official Institute of Credit (ICO)

Provision of ICO mediation facilities, (Official Institute of Credit) supporting companies, of 20th April 2013

Property and Mercantile Registrars

Online management system for cross border inscriptions of deeds at the Property and Commerce Registrars, granted by foreign professional conveyancers  (Netpro Project), of 5th June 2013

For the exchange of electronic documentation, of 19th January 2012

Cooperation and electronic signature, of 15th March de 2007.

Application for and obtainment of formal advertising, via online platforms, of 10th May 2000

High Council of Chambers of Commerce

Regulating agreement for institutional cooperation and partnership, of 8th May 2002

Spanish Olympic Committee

Basic cooperation framework agreement establishing procedural protocol to enable Administrative Agents to carry out all kinds of procedures and administrative formalities required by Olympic and non-Olympic Federations to celebrate sporting events, demonstrations, and competitions that these Federations promote, organise or participate in, of 13th December 2010

General Council of Notaries

Online platform for the presentation of public documents at the Land Registry and for online taxation processing and payment certification, of 11th January 2005

Evaluation, adoption of measures and reform proposals required for the optimization of online, electronic and IT tools, with a view to a swifter and more efficient management of notary documents in the interest of conferrers, of 11th January 2005

ONCE Foundation

To promote cooperation in social integration of people with disabilities

Network of Cities for Cycling

Bicycle Registry, of 25th September 2013

Ministry of Justice

Enabling online processing on behalf of third parties, for Spanish citizenship applications due to residency, of 14th July 2016

Directorate-General. Civil Guard (Military Police)

Operational cooperation procedure, of 16th June 2016

Revenue Management (Suma)

Cooperation Agreement in the area of management of the IVTM (Tax on Motorised Vehicles), signed 7th November 2012

Regional Government of Valencia, the Regional Ministry of Finance, Inland Revenue and Employment

Online taxation processing, of 25th November 2008







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